The Institute of the Good Shepherd is a society of apostolic life. It means its members live together in a religious spirit in the house canonically erected in a diocese. From the house, they serve the people in the apostolate given by the local bishop. The IBP is of pontifical rights meaning that the IBP has a Superior General who is the ordinary of its members. They depend on the Holy See. They work with the local bishops for the apostolate.

The Institute works on various grounds: parish work, hospital chaplains, professors, youth summer camps…

After 12 years of existence, some people in the USA found the work and the charisma of the Institute well fitted for the current situation and they have asked help. In meantime, some young men are interested and would like to discern their vocations in the Institute. The superiors decided to send priests in the USA to start apostolates in order to offer the possibility for these young men to be able to serve one day in their country. Also, to minister apostolate untrusted to the Institute.