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The Seminary

The training given at the St. Vincent de Paul Seminary aims to enable future priests to become upstanding men, the "compasses" that the world needs so badly.

The St. Vincent de Paul Seminary is the formation house for priests of the Institute of the Good Shepherd. Founded in September 2006, today it welcomes more that thirty seminarians of various nationalities (French, Brazilians, Poles, Italians, Chileans and more) who are destined for the priestly vocation. The young men entering the Seminary engage in a demanding and solid formation in realistic philosophy and in theology, immersing themselves in the treasures of the tradition of the Catholic Church. They are also taught many other domains that are essential for the training of priests: Sacred Scripture, the Church Fathers, canon law, history and pastoral care.

The typical priest of the Institute has spent six years in our seminary to learn about the beauty and depth of the extraordinary form of the Roman rite, which members of our Institute believe is a powerful means of evangelization in today's world.

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